Service meets Transparency.

Data-driven operations brought to you by Flogistix

A True Game Changer

Full Transparency

Get full access to real-time telemetry, run time statistics and maintenance history.

Performance Trending

Quickly identify long-term trends in compressor performance.

Scalable and Adaptable

Cloud infrastructure scales with your fleet size and allows for centralized monitoring.

Easy to Use

Built on cutting-edge HTML5, mobile-friendly web technologies.

What is Flux?

The Perfect Compliment to LOGIX

Flux was designed to interface seamlessly with our revolutionary LOGIX PLC. LOGIX PLC is standard on all our FX Series equipment and provides an unparalled level of control and precision across a variety of field applications. Flux is the perfect compliment to LOGIX and enables visibility into long-term performance.

Oil Field Telemetry Re-imagined

Flux is a user friendly, web accessible interface that provides real-time insight into unit performance. This unprecedented visibility provides Flogistix field personnel and customers with immediate answers and capabilities of seeing long-term trends.

Fleet Status at a Glance

Quickly assess how your fleet of rental units is running. Flux removes any doubt and provides the ultimate level of visibility into field performance. Flux maintains a rolling 30 day run-time calculation for each unit in order to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their investment.

Complete Transparency

With Flux, customers have full access into all information related to the runtime and maintenance of their rental compressors. We believe this level of transparency builds trust with our customers and forces us to be a better company.


Trending Over Time

Flux is built on top of cutting edge clustering technology that gives us the ability to run multiple parallel computations on data as it streams in. Sensor data is automatically optimized for viewing over large timespans, giving the user the ability to quickly identify performance trends and possible issues.

State Changes

Flux captures changes in state of a compressor and represents these events on a timeline with other vital sensor data, providing context and insight to the user.

Over the Air Optimization

The ability of Flux to capture real-time data and long term trending makes it an ideal tool for optimization. Our engineers will provide "Over the Air" optimization services as part of our standard rental package. This is just another way that Flogistix sets ourselves apart from any one else in the industry.


"We believe transparency with our customers makes us a better company."

Work Orders & JSAs

Access complete maintenance and work order history on all your rental equipment. Customers can also access any Job Safety Analysis (JSA) conducted for any work on their equipment.


Flux provides a real-time, 30 day run-time for all units. This level of transparency allows customers to monitor our performance and ultimately hold us accountable.


Sign up for 24 hour text or email notifications when a unit stops running. See full notification history for your rental fleet.

"Flogistix is the first company in the industry to digitally capture and share all aspects of compressor operations with its customers. Our goal is to make data driven decisions in collaboration with our clients. Utilizing data analytics and industry leading software, we have profoundly changed the way we run our business...and will forever change what our customers expect from rental compression providers."

Mims Talton, CEO

Access Anywhere

Flux is built on the latest web technologies and accessible via any mobile device. Monitor your fleet status from anywhere. Flux data is stored securely in the cloud utilizing government level 128 bit AES encryption and pbkdf2 hashing algorithms.

Get Access

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